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About the 2020 Inupiaq Survey

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Gain a detailed understanding of the status of the Iñupiaq language in Alaska across Iñupiat Nunaat (Inupiat lands) and beyond

Collect qualitative data about Iñupiaq language resources, attitudes, and needs, at near-full participation level (as many Inupiat as possible)


We will understand the status of the Iñupiaq language so we can assess and build a language plan, to be the foundational document for the revitalization of Inupiaq language

Uvagut (who we are)


The KI Coalition (short for Kipiġniuqtit Iñupiuraallanikun) is a coalition of language activists across Inupiat Nunaat who are committed to the revitalization of the Iñupiaq language. The need for a comprehensive language survey was identified at the Alaska Native Language Revitalization Institute (ANLRI) in April 2018. In January 2019, the first KI Language Summit was held in Qikiqtaġruk, bringing together language activists across Iñupiat Nunaat, and the survey was confirmed as a need at this gathering.


About the Survey


"Uuktuun Inupiatun 2020” is a qualitative survey to identify attitudes of the Inupiaq community, in addition to projections of approximate speaker count. Not only can we learn how many speakers we have but projections we will gain a broad insight into the attitudes, barriers, successes, and motivations of our Inupiaq community, across Inupiat Nunaat and wherever our community members now reside. Gaining such insight will be critical towards the creation of a comprehensive Inupiaq Language Plan. An Alaska Airlines mileage incentive of 20,000 miles will be used as an incentive to take the survey.


Timeframe (Release date: January 15, 2019)

120-day collection period: Boosted on social media, email, volunteer door-to-door knocking

    • Email to schools, school districts, corporations, businesses, etc.

    • Post on social media every other day

Reassess after 120 days

    • Where are our gaps in data?

    • Seek out paid doorknockers if necessary



22,000 - Approximate number of Iñupiat in Inupiat Nunaat (Census 2010)

33,000 - Approximate number of Inupiat total (Census 2010)

2,144 - Number of speakers of Iñupiaq in 2007 (Krauss 2007)


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